You’ve found a site that is under construction. For now, you will find many bugs and little information.

WOLA Regional Security Research Database


The Washington Office on Latin America's Regional Security Policy Program uses this site to organize and guide its research on security in the Western Hemisphere, especially U.S. defense, military, and border security policy.

What you see here is a database divided into several sections. We’re pleased to share much of it with the public. Soon, we plan to migrate it to the domain.

These are the three public sections:

Data Clips:

We use this page for note-taking about U.S. defense and security relations with Latin America and the Caribbean. It contains bits of text, audio, and graphics, all taken from official sources or officials’ statements in the media, organized by country and topic and fully searchable.

Library of Reports:

This is our archive of official government reports about U.S. defense and security relations with Latin America and the Caribbean. Reports are organized by title and by date of issue. Information we glean from them is in the “Clips” section.

News Links:

This is where we keep links to notable media coverage about security in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Follow these links to two related resources:

Defense Aid Programs:

Our listing of the dozens of aid programs that have emerged, mostly since 2000, within the Defense Department’s budget.

Security Assistance Monitor Latin America:

The Latin America section of the Center for International Policy’s worldwide U.S. military aid monitoring project, to which WOLA is a contributing organization.