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[White House text reproduced in correspondence with congressional staff, February 10, 2016]

The FY17 Budget Request includes $449.6 million for Colombia programming, of which $391.3 million is for bilateral assistance through State and USAID. The remaining $59.3 million is for other Function 150 programming and DOD’s counternarcotics program. A breakdown follows below.

State/USAID – ($391.3M)

Other Function 150 - ($14.7M)
Public Diplomacy
Voice of America
Trade and Development Agency

Other Agencies - ($44.6M)
DOD – Counternarcotics - $44.6M

*DOD CN funding is an estimate, as the final country allocations are determined only after DOD receives its annual appropriations.
WOLA communication with legislative staff (Washington: U.S. Congress, February 10, 2016).