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[Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri), ranking Democrat on Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee:] The Department has told us that they plan to use funds intended to acquire remote video surveillance for the prototype of the concrete wall. The $20 million they're using to do the prototypes came out of the very fund that all the Border Patrol agents told me they needed more of. In fact, it was to buy the remote video surveillance equipment-- that they proudly showed me they had put together themselves-- that allowed the to see a more broad area along the Rio Grande river and allow them to be more effective in catching the smugglers that were bringing people across the river illegally.

When I asked Border Patrol agents over and over again "What do you need?", they told me they needed technology, yes, some additional fencing, and I think the Chairman and I agree that some additional fencing/wall may be appropriate. But they definitely said they needed technology more than they needed additional wall. And so it's ironic that the prototype for the wall is coming out of the very fund they say they need the most.
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